Since our establishment in 1993, the uniqueness of MT Displays comes from our ability to create innovative design solutions to fulfill evolving demands via agile approach in the global markets, and ability to use very high technology and automated production lines for mass production. Many of our ingenious designs result in design protection and patent. Today MT Displays has around 30 patent protected products in the range and has 3 international trademarks registered on WIPO. This power enables us to lead the market and shape the trends in the last 30 years. Currently we are proud of our “Plastic Sheet Extrusion Lines” and “Fully Automatic Blow Molding Production Lines”. You can find more information about these lines below. Referring to these achievements we have achieved so far, we ensure you to create more innovative solutions for shaping the future of our industry.

As a multinational group of companies with 3 production Facilities and Warehouses based in Turkey, manufacturing 20.000 unique articles of Display Products and 26 different Product Groups, we serve the market with 2 large product distribution Branches and Warehouses in EU and US, and a world-wide Export Team with 30 years of experience, making sales & marketing activities, giving service to our Distributors in 6 Continents, over 84 Countries.

* MT Displays is among Turkey’s Top 500 Exporters as a manufacturer with:

– 42.700 m2 Total Closed Area of Facilities and Warehouses
– Automated Production Lines and Lead Time Confidence
– Capability for Aluminum, Metal, Plastic and Wood Processing
– 940 Molds, designed and produced in-house
– Patent protection for 30 Products in 11 Countries
– 6.500 products travelling to 84 countries every week
– Capacity for production of Display Products 2.500.000 pcs per Year
– LED Products 150.000 pcs per Year
– Acrylic LED 7.200 tons per Year


MT Displays Turkey

MT Displays in Sekerpinar, Kocaeli, Turkey

MT Displays in Sekerpinar, Kocaeli, Turkey, basing our Headquarters, and Warehouse with 16.000m2 closed area, keeping the largest stock of raw materials and 3.500 pallet capacity of finished products, supporting to keep short lead time and prompt reply to customer needs with 35% per invoice stock coverage rate.

MT Displays in Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey​

MT Displays in Tuzla, Istanbul – Turkey, includes our Printing Facilities, Tusador with 650 m2 closed area, offices of our Local Distribution Partner, SDS in Turkey, Manufacturing Facilities of its subsidiary, Zenith LED products and a Warehouse with 9.000 m2 closed area, keeping a very large stock of finished products, supporting to keep short lead time and prompt reply to customers.

MT Displays in Muallimkoy, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey​

MT Displays in Muallimkoy, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey, includes offices of a modern Warehouse and Quality Control with 3.200 m2 closed and 1.400 m2 open area, keeping stock of 4.000 pallet capacity of finished products for short lead time and prompt reply to customer needs.

MT Displays LLC in Pennsylvania - USA

MT Displays LLC in Pennsylvania - USA

MT Displays LLC in Pennsylvania – USA, found in 2013, serving North America, covering our Distribution Branch, a Showroom including the Printing Facilites and a Warehouse with 11.700 m2 closed area with full security and service management, keeping stock of 7.000 pallet capacity of finished products for short lead time and prompt reply to customer needs.

In addition, DisplaysMarket found as E-commerce website in 2013, to be able to provide regional service and products, serves online customers all over USA. It is a one-stop online show for all marketing displays needs. Being a local distributor in USA, DisplaysMarket offers unique products on online basis with extensive range.

MT Displays KFT in Budapest – Hungary

MT Displays KFT Hungary

MT Displays KFT in Budapest – Hungary​, found in 2014, serving Eastern Europe and Baltic Countries, includes our Distribution Branch, Showroom and a Warehouse with 2.800 m2 closed area with full security and service management, keeping stock of 3.500 pallet capacity of finished products, for short lead time and prompt reply to customer needs.

* Our Warehouses work with optimized raw material inventory management principles.

* Vast selection of products showcased in our state-of-art Showrooms, located in our Headquarters. Our corporate meeting rooms are in the center of our Showroom for adding inspiration to gatherings, and training rooms for product expert trainings and internal audits.

*We have our own Photography & Video Studio for marketing activities.

We have our own Printing Facility, housed in our production plants, fit for any project big or small, adding value to our customers with bespoke printing and branding solutions:
– Digital Printing: Eco Solvent Printing, UV Roll-to-roll Printing, UV Flatbed Printing, Lamination and Sizing
– Screen Printing: Pad Printing, Manual and Semi-automatic Serigraphic or Silk Screen Printing.

Please find more detailed information on this Link.

* Our systems are operated by SAP Centralized Enterprise System.
* We have a successful Research & Development Department with below features:
– Effective communication in real time,
– All patented products designed in house by our R&D Department,
– Well documented turnkey solutions; from design to manufacturing,
– Efficient project execution and world class test systems,
– On-demand production and functional prototyping.

* We have our own Tooling & Molding Department with:
– Precise aluminum molds, plastic injection molds, rotation molds, blow molding, rubber molding, over molding technologies.

* We have our own Plastic Injection Production Lines.


* We produce our Opti Frame product family, a new generation and worldwide patented snap frame.

* Our certain outdoor products are manufactured in compliance with International Standards for protection against water and dust with IP55, IP56 and IP67 test certifications.


We have Mechanical Production Lines for design, production, quality control, and maintenance of aluminum, steel and wood materials.

* We are capable of making Laser Surface Treatment and sizing in acrylic.

* Our Inpro Sizing Unit

* Our Facilities are equipped with Fully Automatic CNC Routers and Engraving Machines.



* We have Surface Treatment Lines for spraying and dipping.



Our Advanced Mechanical Operations in assembly lines include:

PAT testing process run by the latest electrical appliances routinely checked for safety

Production of Illuminated Signage using LED Technology


Our PET, Polystyrene and ABS Sheet Production Lines are capable of precise and automatic sheet sizing, running with an environmentally friendly processes, recycling plastics, achieving zero waste strategy.

*We are proud of our "Rotation Molding Production Line"

* Proud to inform you about our “Fully Automatic Blow Molding Production Line” for manufacturing stylish, elegant, balanced, firm, sturdy, unique, secure, resistant and eye-catching products like our Windpro Plus.

* We have Wooden Display and Furniture Manufacturing Facility


*  Our Displays Production Lines run with integrated production units operating with a powerful production team, including over 600 co-workers.