MT Displays LED illuminated signs are the best attraction the advertisement point. Besides energy-saving benefit, LED lights are brighter than any other illuminated sign.

When integrated into sign holders and frames, print advertisements are converted to eye-catching displays. For best solution special backlit foils are recommended to use. For long term use, please review LED Manual and maintained as per the information provided in this manual

Snap LED Frames

Light boxes, using LED technology, give you the ability to create long-lasting and brightly-lit presentations, at an affordable price. These lightbox display frames feature a slim, snap frame design for mounting your poster graphics to a wall or flat surface.

Retail stores and public transit locations benefit from these displays. Light boxes, also known as slim light box frames, are equipped with snap-open molding so you can instantly update a display with new graphics. Simply flip open the molding to slide in your graphics.

We even provide these fast opening light boxes with two mounting options so you can display both landscape and portrait signs. Orient displays in the most eye catching format.

Smart LEDbox 25mm Single Sided

Magnetic LED Frames

This illuminated frame has a acrylic lens with magnets on to hold your image in place. To change out graphics, simply lift the lens, insert your sign, and place the lens back down where magnets securely hold it in place. This illuminated sign, light box display uses a black border to frame the images.

LED bulbs embedded in the frame of this illuminated sign to give an attractive and eye catching effect for your advertising. This slim profile makes this unit a perfect fit for any décor.  These light box display frame, illuminated frame that will actually save your money in the long run (in electricity bills). Each LED light box display also has a life span of over 60,000 hours when used 7-8 hours, 7 days per week.

This illuminated frame is an affordable way to display movie posters, advertisement and translusent posters. If 24 hours use is essential, please ask for the special power supply to purchase along with.

Magnetic Smart LEDbox


Totem poster stands are free standing poster displays that directly interact with customers by taking pride of place in any commercial setting. Poster stands encompass a bold, conspicuous presentation style that prevents patrons from needing to search endlessly to access the required information. Totem poster stands create a distant, eye-catching floor display that will grab the attention of all customers and deliver a flawless professional aesthetic.

Pavement Signs