Sign Holder Stand

Sign Holder Stand is a perfects advertising solution in a store or reception as a result of double sided frame for back-to-back prints. A dual-sided display helps to maximise your floor space whilst allowing your advertising message to be seen by people around. Constructed with durable parts it is recommended for use in outdoor conditions.


Infoboards are a simple, stylish and affordable marketing and advertising solution. No matter what your business or organization is trying to advertise, it wil be clearly promoted in this large, double-sided frame.

Infoboards, also known as poster stands, work perfectly in retail stores, banks, tourist attractions, and community centers.

They are also ideal for use in indoor retail entryways or near best sellers! The sleek, stylish, and prominent design make these store fixtures virtually impossible for a customer or patron to pass by without a glance.

Single Sided

Oval Infoboards