Perfect sign tool to help direct traffic in business environment.

  • There are 2 types, 15 mm and 26 mm.
  • Suitable for use in open-air spaces or public areas such as schools, offices, hospitals, etc..
  • An anti-reflex PET cover protects your documents from tearing and suffering damage.
  • It is an elegant and practical product. You merely need to open the front profile in order to change your documents.

Wall Sign System

Fast and simple!

Profile types

  • Front cover is anti-reflex
  • Designed for paper inserts
  • 4 profile types, 2 endcap types available

148 x 300 mm


Desktop & Toilet Signs, House Numbers


Designed as frameless, Standoff Mount Acrylic Sign is a practical display system allowing to change poster when it is still on the wall by sliding.