Panset exhibition system is a portable & friendly assembled panel construction.
The durable framework of Panset can be positioned between 0-360° The framework of the construction can be easily unassembled to permit a quick change of the panel inside.
The Poster can easily change by laminating. Panset systems have a variety of sizes 3X3,3X4,3×5.
Panset black carry bag main body for all size is available.



Pop-up stands with clips or magnetic are still the most popular standard display for large graphic displays. They are easy to transport, light weight, simple pop-ups and packable into a roto-molded plastic carry bag for transportation.

Pop-up displays have a variety of sizes 3×3, 3×4.

Panels are fitted to create a round display. Lights are available upon request.

Pop-up With Magnetic

Light / UYUP367130

Pop-up With Clips

Light / UYUP367130

Crown Truss

A modular truss system with unlimited possibilities. Made in strong and durable materials – aluminium, steel and composite. At the same time it is a lightweight and foldable truss construction.

The perfect function and unique design allow the creation of custom expressions fitted to your individual needs. Very easy to assemble, disassemble, pack and carry. Available as standard models as well as parts.

3D design allows creating your own stands:

Sample Kit contains:

1 x Regular Base 19 x 19 cm (71/2” x 71/2”)
1 x Corner Block.
1 x Module 90 cm (357/16”)
1 x Connector Cross
1 x Brochure dispenser A4
10 x Crown catalogues.

Trolley Kit  contains:

1 x Regular Base 19×19 cm (71/2” x 71/2”)
1 x Side Base 19×40 cm (71/2” x 153/4”)
1 x Middle Base 19 x 60 cm (71/2” x 235/8”)
4 x Corner Block
2 x Module 30 cm (1113/16”)
2 x Module 60 cm (235/8”)
2 x Alu profile in 30 cm (1113/16”)
2 x Top + 2 Bottom Clips
1 x Banner in 30 x 60 cm (1113/16” x 235/8”)
1 x Connector Cross
1 x Brochure dispenser A4
1 x Spotlight 150 W w/clip
10 x Crown catalogues
1 x Trolley containing all the above

Showroom Kit contains:

1 x Regular Base 19 x 19 cm (71/2” x 71/2”)
1 x Side Base 19 x 40 cm (71/2” x 153/4”)
1 x Middle Base 19 x 60 cm (71/2” x 235/8”)
6 x Corner Block
7 x Module 90 cm (357/16”)
3 x Module 120 cm (471/4”)
4 x Alu profile in 90 cm (357/16”)
6 x Top Clips
6 x Bottom Clips
2 x Banner in 90 x 210 cm (357/16” x 8211/16”)
3 x Connector Cross
1 x A4 Brochure Dispenser
2 x Spotlight w/ fitting
10 x Crown catalogues

Modules 15 x 15 cm:

US Size: 515/16” x 515/16”
7 different sizes available.
From 30 cm up to 210 cm.
US size: 1113/16″ – 8211/16”
All foldable to reduce volume.

Corner Block:

To connect modules and mount bases.

Connector Cross: To connect modules.

Bases in 3 versions:

Regular Base: 19 x 19 cm
US size: 71/2” x 71/2”
Side Base: 19 x 40 cm
US size: 71/2” x 153/4”
Middle Base: 19 x 60 cm
US size: 71/2” x 235/8”

Banner mounting:

Alu profile with tape for easy fixture of banner. Mount the profile with banner to the modules using top- and bottom clips.
10 x Crown catalogues.

Accessories and tools:

Shelves, spotlights and brochure holders can easily be mounted on the modules. Use Bosch IXO for faster assembly of the modules.

Free Online Program

Build your own CROWN Truss booth or display!
User-friendly, fast and easy!
Build with all parts and extras.
Save, edit and print function.
Screen snapshots from all angles.
Ask for details and access!