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Croos Single Banner

• Suitable for INDOOR applications
• 2m high
• 360 degrees rotates
• Cross feet provides stability


Croos Single Banner



600 X 2000 mm, 700 X 2000 mm, 800 X 2000 mm,

Croos Single Banner Product Description

Cross Single Stands are practical banner stands with high quality to assure your marketing message won’t be missed. Cross Single Banner Stand is one of the most price sensitive and optimal way of displaying your promotions, announcements, deals, campaigns and advertisements. You can practically and safely use at product launches, seminars, congresses, shopping malls, movie theaters, cafés, restaurants, travel agencies, real estate agencies, meeting rooms or any other indoor venue.

Due to the height and sleek design, it is difficult for the banner to go unnoticed. Just have your graphic printed as appealing as possible with an inviting catch phrase for very suitable prices at any local print shop, and it is accurate that there will be many foot traffic in your shop. ong story short, the cross single portable banner display is an effective, economical yet decorative way of advertising.

Remember Cross Single Banners are mostly prefered due to their adjustable height. The poster can be attached to the flag holder as high as 78.74″ with the aluminum clamp to the fixed telescopic pipe.
Cross feet provides stability

Cross Single Stands are perfect for on the go advertising

Optional carry bag available

Shipped without poster

Croos Single Banner Product Specifications

MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium WEIGHT PACKING SIZE (10 pcs)
USBC000N62 600 X max. 2000 mm 606 mm 24,700 kg 380 X 860 X 175 mm
USBC000N72 700 X max. 2000 mm 706 mm 25,300 kg 380 X 860 X 175 mm
USBC000N82 800 X max. 2000 mm 806 mm 26,200 kg 380 X 860 X 175 mm

* W:Width H: Height D: Depth

Croos Single Banner Product Assembly Sheets

Product in Place

Croos Single Banner Product Videos