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Easy Swap

• OUTDOOR Friendly
• Can be used in all indoor areas.
• Economical easy to use product.
• Adjust PVC Foam poster 5-10
thickness into aluminum box.



300mm, 600mm,

Easy Swap Product Description

Easy Swap 

Does your business have a tight promotion schedule? Then you need bulky poster displays offering you the opportunity to refresh your poster every now and then, whenever you need an update.  Easy Swap rigid banner stands provide stylish yet effective look with their high quality silver anodized aluminium base. It is an ideal advertising solution for indoor use to hold rigid poster materials like PVC foam, aluminum and acrylic from 5mm to 10mm thick. This poster clamp provides high stability to rigid graphic. Showcase your brand with Easy Swap stands wherever your prospects are in affordable way.

Easy Swap is a poster holder that poster boards can be changed by loosening the nuts under the aluminum base, sandwiching the new one and then fixing it by nuts again.

Supplied without rigid banner allowing you to craft your own eye-catching posters.

Available for panels with a width of 300mm, 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm.

Available for panels with a width of 11- 4/5″, 23- 3/5″ and 35- 9/20″.

Easy Swap Product Specifications

MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium WEIGHT PACKING SIZE
UMS0100300 310 mm 300 mm 2,000 kg 220 X 340 X 117 mm
UMS0100600 610 mm 600 mm 3,100 kg 220 X 640 X 117 mm
UMS0100800 810 mm 800 mm 5,360 kg 220 X 840 X 117 mm
UMS0100900 910 mm 900 mm 6,030 kg 220 X 940 X 117 mm
UMS0101000 1010 mm 1000 mm 6,700 kg 220 X 1040 X 117 mm
UMS0101200 1210 mm 1200 mm 8,040 kg 220 X 1240 X 117 mm
UMS0101500 1510 mm 1500 mm 10,050 kg 220 X 1540 X 117 mm

* W:Width H: Height D: Depth

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