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Poster Clamp 30 mm

• One set comes with profiles, end caps and hangers.
• Easy to assembly without tool.
• Suitable for Wall Mounting & ceiling.





1000mm, 210mm, 300mm, 420mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 850mm

Poster Clamp 30 mm Product Description

Poster Clamp 30 mm

These series of poster clamps offers competitive solutions. Poster Clamps are lightweight display solutions with 30mm or 1,18” profile that can accommodate paper posters in a selection of widths and in a huge number of different lengths. Graphic is placed within the clamping system. One set includes profiles, end caps and hangers and easy to assembly without tool. This heavy duty gripping action makes the poster easy to change, and suitable for wall mounting or ceiling mounting. Turning end caps help to slide the printed art work in. The aluminium clamp frame poster rail can accommodate materials up to 500 microns (0.5mm) and suitable for silk printing. Useable in different industry segments like banks , car dealers, educational, exhibition, hospitals, insurance companies, libraries, malls-shops  Museum, telecom-om companies and travel agencies.

Poster Clamp 30 mm Product Specifications

MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium WEIGHT PACKING SIZE
UPC00SN021 216 mm 210 mm 9,570 kg 220 X 260 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPC00SN030 306 mm 300 mm 12,000 kg 220 X 360 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPC00SN042 426 mm 420 mm 18,500 kg 220 X 480 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPC00SN050 506 mm 500 mm 22,200 kg 220 X 560 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPC00SN060 606 mm 600 mm 26,600 kg 220 X 660 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPC00SN070 706 mm 700 mm 31,000 kg 220 X 760 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPC00SN085 856 mm 850 mm 19,000 kg 180 X 910 X 220 mm (25 pcs)
UPC00SN100 1006 mm 1000 mm 22,000 kg 180 X 1070 X 220 mm (25 pcs)

* W:Width H: Height D: Depth

Poster Clamp 30 mm Product Print Templates

Poster Clamp 210X297 Download
Poster Clamp 300X420 Download
Poster Clamp 420X594 Download
Poster Clamp 500X700 Download
Poster Clamp 600X800 Download
Poster Clamp 700X1000 Download
Poster Clamp 850X1000 Download
Poster Clamp 1000X1000 Download

Poster Clamp 30 mm Product Assembly Sheets

Poster Clamp Download

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