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Quick Banners (Double Sided)

• Suitable for INDOOR applications
• Flexible and mobile poster clamp.
• Designed as a practical set can be carried.
• Comes with a bag.


Gray Carry Bag



800 X 2000 mm, 900 X 2000 mm,

Quick Banners (Double Sided) Product Description

Double Sided Quick Banner stands create stylish, smart-looking and effective advertising spaces with their high quality silver anodized aluminum clamps. These banner hangers come with a canvas carrying bag making it easy-to-carry and protecting your prints from wear and tear during transportation. All quick banner stands are sold without custom graphics.

Just keep your Double Sided Quick Banner stands out of your storage room and let them perform for your brand at many places in many ways with printed vinyl, canvas, PVC foam or paper posters
Double Sided Quick Banner is a perfect trade show banner with its patented height adjustable pipe. This banner stand holds graphics from 74.80″ to 86.61″ high. It provides more stability compared to other quick banners due to its heavy leg at the back.

Quick Banner Stands shipped without Custom Graphics
Promote your brand with ease and at affordable prices with our quick banner stands.

Let the Quick Banner Stands perform for your business anywhere

Quick Banners (Double Sided) Accessories

Quick Banners (Double Sided) Product Specifications

MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium WEIGHT PACKING SIZE (10 pcs)
UQB0C00N72 706 X 2030 mm 700 X 2000 mm 700 X 1970 mm 21,200 kg 380 X 860 X 175 mm
UQB0C00N82 806 X 2030 mm 800 X 2000 mm 800 X 1970 mm 23,300 kg 380 X 860 X 175 mm
UQB0C00N92 906 X 2030 mm 900 X 2000 mm 900 X 1970 mm 25,950 kg 380 X 1060 X 175 mm
UQB0C00N12 1006 X 2030 mm 1000 X 2000 mm 1000 X 1970 mm 26,800 kg 380 X 1060 X 175 mm

* W:Width H: Height D: Depth

Quick Banners (Double Sided) Product Assembly Sheets

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