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Stretch Frame

• Suitable for INDOOR applications
• Frame stretches the poster from 4 corners.
• Easy to change the poster by plastic clips.
• From A4 to B1 sizes are available.






A1 (594 X 841 mm), A2 (420 X 594 mm), A3 (297 X 420 mm), A4 (210 X 297 mm), B1 (700 X 1000 mm), B2 (500 X 700 mm)

Stretch Frame Product Description

Stretch Frame

The aluminium stretch frame is a cost-effective holder for various applications. These quick frames are prices discount displays that can hold printed paper and are available in a variety of sizes. These indoor sign holders are less expensive compared to conventional snap frames. They offer a silver aluminium look and black matte finish corners with clear clips that hold posters in place elegantly. Double-sided stretch frames have both landscape and portrait models. The printed poster is inserted at 4 corners simply by inserting the paper into the lear clips at 4 corners. Once mounted, changing a poster does not require the frame to leave the wall. These low cost frames are usually used in front of shop windows with suction cups or clear strings.

Where to I use these quick-to-change sign holders?

Aluminium print holders are great way to advertise restaurants, schools, lobby, meeting rooms, gas stations, shops, banks, public areas to post various news, offers, messages, sales or menus. They fit into different business environments and are suitable for all sectors in which there is public transport such as nail shops and pharmacies.

Stretch Frame Product Specifications

MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium WEIGHT PACKING SIZE
UPSCN000A4 310 X 397 mm 210 X 297 mm 7,56 kg 290 X 430 X 320 mm
UPSCN000A3 397 X 520 mm 297 X 420 mm 0,265 kg 420 X 700 X 220 mm
UPSCN000A2 520 X 694 mm 420 X 594 mm 0,340 kg 420 X 870 X 220 mm
UPSCN000A1 694 X 941 mm 594 X 841 mm 0,432 kg 420 X 1110 X 220 mm
UPSCN000B2 600 X 800 mm 500 X 700 mm 0,380 kg 420 X 970 X 220 mm
UPSCN000B1 800 X 1100 mm 700 X 1000 mm 0,510 kg 420 X 1260 X 220 mm

* W:Width H: Height D: Depth

Stretch Frame Poster Thicknesses

Articles Poster Size Standard Poster Thickness Max Poster Thickness (Low density rigid posters such as PVC Foam,PP, etc)
UPSCN000A4 A4 0,1-0,2mm 0,5mm
UPSCN000A3 A3 0,1-0,2mm 0,5mm
UPSCN000A2 A2 0,1-0,2mm 0,5mm
UPSCN000A1 A1 0,1-0,2mm 0,5mm
UPSCN000B2 B2 0,1-0,2mm 0,5mm
UPSCN000B1 B1 0,1-0,2mm 0,5mm

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