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Practical tools to help you reach more customers !
MT Displays is proud to offer some marketing tools for its partners. These tools help the partners to be known in the market better and sales people to know more about the products that enables them to sell more.
MT Displays provide various printed and electronic materials for its partners. Product catalogues, digestive brochures for exhibitions, product presentations, new product introductions are some of the examples of all offered for use of partners. Showroom kits, promotion sets, sample bags and introduction boxes are prepared for use of sales and marketing team to introduce the products to your customers.

We have a new website in design “Displayshowroom” coming soon. In this platform we will index our products not with product specifications, but rather displaying the environments they are best to use for efficient marketing. We collect several photos from all over the world presenting locations where our products are used, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, schools, reastaurants, hotels, confereneces, tobacca shops etc…

All of these tools are designed for MT Displays’ partners to comprehend our products fully, launch and sell them in their market easily. The more you know, the more you sell!
There are many tools to reach the same target.
A board with frame samples
Some of our Marketing Tools Sales Price Type of support Code free internet (can be linked) free internet free internet (can be linked) free internet
Mail Shots free direct mailing
Product Picture Gallery free MT Cloud
Company Presentation free on media
Product Presentation free on media
You Tube Product Movies free internet
Product Leaflet free pdf file
Product Leaflet free printed media
2023 Jet Catalogue € 3,75 printed media 1200686
Wall Sign Promotion Box € 20 sample box PRJ0100493
MT Displays printed Bag (textile) € 20 bag 1006022
Maxi Frame Introduction € 25 sample box PRJ0100177
Presentation Sample Box € 25 sample box PRJ0100378
A Board with Frame Samples € 50 stand UAB325HCB2X5000
Smart Led Letters Promotion Bag/ EU plug € 50 introduction box PRJ0100612
Opti Stand € 130 stand PRJ100597
Omni Frame Promo Bag € 50 sample box PRJ0100791
Displays Promo Bag € 150 “red sample bag” PRJ0099021
Crown Truss Sample Kit € 50 sample kit UCT15BKC01
Crown Truss Trolley Kit € 100 introduction kit UCT15BKC02
Crown Truss Showroom Kit € 220 product sample UCT15BKC03
Bronze Showroom Pack € 500 showroom kit PRJ0100909
Silver Showroom Pack € 850 showroom kit PRJ0100910
Golden Showroom Pack € 1.200 showroom kit PRJ0100911
Product Traning TBA Showroom
Open House TBA Showroom
Product Training
Product training and assembling sessions are great offer to know more about the products’ unique selling points, competitive analyses in different markets and more. Sales people get the chance to touch the product before they really start selling in the market. MT Displays already offers the following services which help to develop the knowledge of the distributor’s sales force and direct product marketing to their customers.

These services are as follows:
• General product trainings to distributors,
• New product presentations to distributors,
• Product presentations on distributor’s customer events,
• Sharing general market information, trends, efficient business and sales models, product offers for different end-uses.
The above mentioned trainings and presentations should be planned in advance and in time, together with the distributor for full benefit of the program.

Fair support in products and Showroom Support
Our programme includes such offers because both offers support the sales growth of the distributor on a local fair. With a communicated showroom offer, MT Display emphasizes the importance of a showroom and with a support distributors would take in consideration to expose the products in a visible way. Showroom support would be more long term than Fair Support and is more focused on new products and premium products in the range.

Focus on internet and Digital Media
MT Displays also keeps up with today’s developing technology. Some anonymous web pages such as and which partners use as their own webpages. Besides both webpages are up-to-date with image and information downloads. MT Displays main webpage is updated every very often with the purpose of releasing latest information about MT Displays activities and products.

We are living already in a world where internet has stronger marketing power compared to other solutions and it is more direct because it gets to people/customers who are for sure interested.
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