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Poster Fast

• One set comes with profiles, end caps and hangers.
• Double sided.
• Easy to assembly without tool.
• Suitable for silk screen printing.






1000mm, 1200mm, 210mm, 300mm, 420mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 850mm

Poster Fast Product Description

Poster Fast

This poster holder is perfect to show posters in your shop. Banner holders, hanging sign holders and other open poster hangers offer a great alternative to the conventional ways to hang posters. It’s convenient for double-sided use. These snap on poster bars feature snap rails that allows you to change the poster easily. This hinged poster hanger, also known as a poster holder, is made of sturdy aluminium with 40mm profile and carries slightly heavier banners and easy to assembly without tool. Various sizes are available. Hanging sign holders, attached to the ceiling with available chain and nylon hanging kits. The hinged poster hanger has a bottom rail to ensure that your posters stays tight.

This Poster Fast set comes with profiles, end caps and hangers.  Attract customers with these poster bars to accentuate your marketplace.

Poster Fast Product Specifications

MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium WEIGHT PACKING SIZE
UPF21SN021 215 mm 210 mm 5,300 kg 220 X 260 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPF21SN030 305 mm 300 mm 6,900 kg 220 X 360 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPF21SN042 425 mm 420 mm 9,450 kg 220 X 480 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPF21SN050 505 mm 500 mm 11,000 kg 220 X 560 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPF21SN060 605 mm 600 mm 13,000 kg 220 X 660 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPF21SN070 705 mm 700 mm 15,500 kg 220 X 760 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPF21SN085 855 mm 850 mm 9,200 kg 180 X 910 X 220 mm (25 pcs)
UPF21SN100 1005 mm 1000 mm 10,500 kg 180 X 1070 X 220 mm (25 pcs)
UPF21SN120 1205 mm 1200 mm 12,500 kg 180 X 1260 X 220 mm (25 pcs)

* W:Width H: Height D: Depth

Poster Fast Product Print Templates

Poster Fast 210X297 Download
Poster Fast 300X420 Download
Poster Fast 420X594 Download
Poster Fast 500X700 Download
Poster Fast 600X800 Download
Poster Fast 700X1000 Download
Poster Fast 850X1000 Download
Poster Fast 1000X1000 Download
Poster Fast 1200X1000 Download

Poster Fast Product Assembly Sheets

Poster Fast Download

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