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Snap Frames 15mm

• Ideal for small-sized posters. 
• ’’Click Clack’’ snap open working principle.
• Easy to mount, simple to carry.
• Natural silver-anodized and various.
• RAL colors are available. 
• Mitred corners.
• Anti-glare poster cover sheet.
• Max length 1200mm and max perimeter 3500 mm



A1 (594 X 841 mm), A2 (420 X 594 mm), A3 (297 X 420 mm), A4 (210 X 297 mm), A5 (148 X 210 mm), B2 (500 X 700 mm)

Snap Frames 15mm Product Description

This quick clip metal sign frame is a wall mounted display that holds graphics between A5 – 20’’-30’’ sizes. A metal sign frame, also known as a poster frame, offers a great way to display photos, pictures, and advertisements. This metal sign frame has four hinged edges that open and close in a snap. Simply flip open the edges, insert your sign, and then snap shut. Each sign holder features a silver metal frame with a slim profile and a matte finish. A clear PVC non-glare lens protects your graphics from damage. The back of each metal sign frame is made out of molded plastic. This quick clip metal sign frame can be mounted vertically or horizontally depending on your needs. Screws and anchors are provided for hanging. Please note that a portion of your graphics will be covered by the frame.

A poster frame, sign holder, or other sign frame offers a great way to display advertisements and graphics. This sign frame is a wall mounted poster holder that can be hung in a vertical or horizontal format. Easy to use snap open edges allow for quick and easy graphic changes.  
A quick glance at a poster holder will tell a lot about the product that is advertised! Yet a poster frame like this with basic design can be great to highlight your promotions, photos, pictures, advertisements or deals.

This sign frame is a wall mounted display that can be hung in landscape or portrait position. Screws and anchors for mounting come with metal sign frame. It is a quick clip metal sign frame with a slim profile and a matte finish that comes in a soothing silver color. The poster frame holds between A5 – 20’’-30’’ sizes graphics and those graphics are safely protected by a clear non-glare lens against wear and tear. The lens also prevents reflection. Please note that the frame covers a portion of your graphics. The back of the sign holder is made out of high impact plastic.

This sign frame has four mitred edges also called as hinged edges. To insert your sign you just flip open the edges, load your signage, and snap shut..  
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Snap Frames 15mm Product Specifications

MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium PROFILE : 15 mm 450 WEIGHT PACKING SIZE
UCN155N0A5 158 X 220 mm 148 X 210 mm 128 X 190 mm 0,220 kg 170 X 250 X 21 mm
UCN155N0A4 220 X 307 mm 210 X 297 mm 190 X 277 mm 0,450 kg 210 X 330 X 21 mm
UCN155N0A3 307 X 430 mm 297 X 420 mm 277 X 400 mm 0,700 kg 350 X 460 X 21 mm
UCN155N0A2 430 X 604 mm 420 X 594 mm 400 X 574 mm 1,100 kg 460 X 660 X 21 mm
UCN155N0A1 604 X 851 mm 594 X 841 mm 574 X 821 mm 2,080 kg 650 X 910 X 21 mm
UCN155N0B2 510 X 710 mm 500 X 700 mm 480 X 680 mm 1,800 kg 560 X 760 X 21 mm
UCN155N0B1 710 X 1010 mm 700 X 1000 mm 680 X 980 mm 3,400 kg 760 X 1060 X 21 mm
UCN155N023 518 X 772 mm 508 X 762 mm 488 X 742 mm 1,850 kg 570 X 820 X 21 mm

* W:Width H: Height D: Depth

Snap Frames 15mm Product Print Templates

Snap Frame 15 mm A3 Download
Snap Frame 15 mm A4 Download
Snap Frame 15 mm A5 Download
Snap Frame 15 mm B1 Download
Snap Frame 15 mm B2 Download
Snap Frame 15 mm A1 Download
Snap Frame 15 mm A2 Download

Snap Frames 15mm Assembly Sheets

Snap Frames 15mm Product Certificates & Warranty

5 years warranty.  Terms and Conditions & Warranty Conditions
Terms and ConditionsWarranty Conditions

Snap Frames 15mm Product Color Options

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