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Snap Frames 45mm

• Ideal for posters of every size.
• ’’Click Clack’’ snap open working principle.
• Easy to mount, simple to carry.
• Natural silver-anodized and various.
• RAL colors are available.
• Anti-glare poster cover sheet.
• Mitred corners.
• Max length 1350×2500 mm and max perimeter 7700 mm.


V hanger / UYAA011010





2 X 5 A4

Snap Frames 45mm Product Description

A perfect combination of a basic yet elegant design, cost effective price and durability makes displaysmarket’s quick change sign frames a highly preferred option for advertising. This snap frame with sturdy aluminum frame and mitred corners is an ideal solution for heavy use, high traffic areas to stand out from the competition.

These snap frames utilize four hinged aluminum profiles that simply flip open and close in a snap. Easy poster changing once mounted on wall allowing the aluminum poster frames to stay on the wall. Just lift up sides of the snap frame and change the posters. These snap frames are ideal for businesses that need to exchange their graphics or advertisements frequently.

A poster frame, sign holder, or other sign frame offers a great way to display advertisements and graphics. This sign frame is a wall mounted poster holder that can be hung in a vertical or horizontal format. Easy to use snap open edges allow for quick and easy graphic changes.

The poster frame combines the desirable features of affordability with style and ease of use. The snap frame has secured its name and reputation owing to the clip style, hinge support structures that simply flip open and snap back into place for the easy rotation of graphics. The removal and replacement of images can be achieved in a matter of seconds with the clip metal sign frame. Best of all, the poster holder is a wall mountable display unit whereby the front loading design of the structure means you will not have to disassemble and reassemble the frame once it has been mounted. The poster frame can be positioned in either portrait or landscape presentation, with screws and anchors supplied. The clip metal sign frame has been manufactured with the highest quality materials including a plastic back panel, non-reflective transparent overlay and aluminum metal body construction for optimal durability. The frame features a silver matte finish with a slim line aesthetic. Please note, while the poster frame is petite and sleek in nature, a portion of your prints will be covered by the frame. For this reason it is recommended you print your graphics in dimensions that accommodate the frame border.

Each poster frame comes with mounting hardware and an instruction sheet. Setting up the frame on your wall will only take a couple of minutes. Then you are done and ready to display!

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Snap Frames 45mm Accessories

Snap Frames 45mm Product Specifications

MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium PROFILE : 45 mm 450 WEIGHT PACKING SIZE
UCN455N0A3 340 X 463 mm 297 X 420 mm 252 X 375 mm 1,250 kg 360 X 480 X 31 mm
UCN455N0A2 463 X 637 mm 420 X 594 mm 375 X 549 mm 1,800 kg 480 X 670 X 31 mm
UCN455N0A1 637 X 884 mm 594 X 841 mm 549 X 796 mm 2,840 kg 660 X 910 X 31 mm
UCN455N0A0 884 X 1232 mm 841 X 1189 mm 796 X 1144 mm 5,500 kg 910 X 1270 X 31 mm
UCN455N0B2 543 X 743 mm 500 X 700 mm 455 X 655 mm 2,600 kg 560 X 760 X 31 mm
UCN455N0B1 743 X 1043 mm 700 X 1000 mm 655 X 955 mm 4,000 kg 760 X 1060 X 31 mm
UCN455N0B0 1043 X 1443 mm 1000 X 1400 mm 955 X 1355 mm 6,500 kg 1060 X 1460 X 31 mm
UCN455N023 551 X 805 mm 508 X 762 mm 463 X 717 mm 3,200 kg 570 X 820 X 31 mm
UCN455N034 805 X 1059 mm 762 X 1016 mm 717 X 971 mm 4,150 kg 820 X 1080 X 31 mm
UCN455N046 1059 X 1567 mm 1016 X 1524 mm 971 X 1479 mm 7,200 kg 1070 X 1590 X 31 mm

* W:Width H: Height D: Depth

Snap Frames 45mm Product Print Templates

Snap Frames 45mm A0 Download
Snap Frames 45mm A1 Download
Snap Frames 45mm A2 Download
Snap Frames 45mm A3 Download
Snap Frames 45mm 40X60 Download
Snap Frames 45mm 30X40 Download
Snap Frames 45mm 20X30 Download
Snap Frames 45mm B0 Download
Snap Frames 45mm B1 Download
Snap Frames 45mm B2 Download

Snap Frames 45mm Product Assembly Sheets

Snap Frames 45mm Download

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