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• Suitable for INDOOR applications
• Free Standing double sided light column.
• Snap Frames enable for changing the display material.
• Front profile is easy to open.



600 X 1700 mm, 700 X 1700 mm, 800 X 1700 mm,

Totem Product Description


The convex double-sided design illuminated the totem with pressure profiles on the long sides. High quality with a powder coated steel baseplate for greater stability.

The totem display is a free light panel that is perfect for retail watch shows, store promotions and car showcases. They are equipped with a front loading frame to keep the graphics backlit on both sides and also allow for simple graphic editing. The screen is illuminated internally to create what is essentially an independent double-sided light box.

On each side of the illuminated totem are an opal acrylic diffuser sheet and a transparent antireflective front sheet, among which the backlit printing is interlaced. These are integrated into the system in a curved configuration for a panoramic perspective, creating a versatile, extremely pleasant and extremely effective display medium. This Totem equipped with LEDs to provide high and even illumiantion.

The folded edges of the anti-glare poster sheets allow easy graphic insertion and alignment. Complete with a low voltage adapter. All Totem products are offered with CE/UL certification.

Totem Product Specifications

MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium WEIGHT PACKING SIZE
UTTM001000 650 X 1720 mm 600 X 1700 mm 580 X 1700 mm 350 mm 628 mm 1 X 58 W 28,000 kg 670 X 1750 X 85 mm
UTTM002000 750 X 1720 mm 700 X 1700 mm 680 X 1700 mm 350 mm 723 mm 1 X 58 W 30,800 kg 770 X 1750 X 85 mm
UTTM003000 850 X 1720 mm 800 X 1700 mm 780 X 1700 mm 370 mm 820 mm 2 X 58 W 36,500 kg 870 X 1750 X 85 mm

* W:Width H: Height D: Depth

Totem Product Assembly Sheets

Product in Place

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