Antimicrobial Product Solutions

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Antimicrobial Product Solutions!

During the Pandemic Period, we worked hard and rapidly developed our PPE – Personel Protection Equipments product range to reply the changing needs of the customers. After this experience, we mobilized our knowledge for health with the release of our new anti-microbial products with Antimicrobial Test Certification.

All of our colored products are coated with a special Antimicrobial Powder Coating containing Silver Ion Additives. This special powder coating is in compliance with ISO 22196:2011 and JIS Z 2801.

As it maintains its antimicrobial feature over the expected life of the product, this special coating makes our life more healthy and practical. In terms of sustainability, it is more easy to clean our antimicrobial powder coated products with a mild detergent or water.

Some of the Commercial Areas where antimicrobial surfaces can be used: Offices, Hospitals, Public Transport, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Sports Centers, Banks, Supermarkets, Laboratories.