Free Standing Leaflet Displays

An ideal brochure stand that permits an indoors use of different models. The main stand encompasses 2 channel or 4 channel pole and base. To complete the stand various accessories are available such as frames, banners, headers, shelfs and more. Many styles can be created by using standard accessories.

2 Channel

4 Channel

Banner Set

Slide-in Frame

Novel Free Standing

Some possible variations using 2 channel profile.

Free Standing Leaflet Dispensers with Side Shelves

Some possible variations using 4 channel profile.

Free Standing Convex Box

Coctail Brochure Set

Easy to build, stylish brochure holder, Cocktail Brochure Set is designed to hold various brochures fulfilling your personal wishes and needs. To complete a product main body and required quantities of shelves need to be ordered separately. Free standing and wall options are available with different shelf dimensions.

For Wall

For Wall

Multiside Brochure Set

Multiside Brochure sets are developed to provide multiple variations at low costs. Based on 1, 3 or 4, robust aluminium pole, various number of shelves can be fitted to make a brochure set meeting your exact needs. To complete a product, main body and required quantities of shelves need to be ordered separately. Brochure holders are quickly and easily inserted. Available in fixed, rotating or wheels options.

Brochure Set

A brochure holder designed to keep minimum 6 / maximum 32 brochures at the same time in stores, galleries and banks. When used with 4 wheels it is free and mobile. Single or double-faced options are available. Transparent shelves are made of 4 mm acrylic; the legs are made of aluminium.

Decorative Brochure Stand

Available in A4 size in portrait &landscape positions. Decorative Brochure Stand Plus is delivered with easy to change header on top. Landscape and portrait versions are available also with logo.

A4 Landscape with logo

A4 Portrait with logo

A4 Landscape

A4 Portrait

Pillar Brochure Stand

New selection of literature display including injected counter top with a robust aluminium body. 3xA4 capacity and 6×1/3A4 capacity standards are available.


Fied or retractable Zick Zack are available for different environments. For mobile presentations, events or exhibitions, retractable option is recommended. Decorative legs are made of silver anodised aluminium ellipse profile. Metallic powder coated base complete the product and provide

Single Leg Zick-Zack

Single Leg Zick-Zack with Header

Double Leg Zick-Zack with Header

Single Leg Zick-Zack Lite

Single Leg Zick-Zack Lite with Header

Wood Zick-Zack

Portable Zick Zack



Textile transport bag

Newage Portable Zick Zack

Lock the shelf

Textile transport bag

Tower Brochure Stand

Tower Brochures System is a new way of displaying multiple brochures. Single sided, double sided an wall mount options are available in tis range. Design it the way you like and offer plenty of styles to your customers. Shelf and magnetic pocket options are available upon request.

Pockets in 3 colours

Each colour boxed in 10 pcs.

Please don’t forget to order.


Double Sided


For Wall


An elegant & classic clear stand to display an A4 size paper message on top, altering a pocket for literature packs in again an A4 size. Simple to change the message, eye-catching level of height.

Suitable for use in galleries & showrooms accessible to the public.

Rapid Brochure Set

Rapid Brochure set has a stylish look and eye-catching shelves. A4 shelves are made of frosted acrylic and easily placed on the aluminium poles. Boxed in flat with unassembled shelves, it guarantees easy and safe transportation. Display your leaflets in retail stores or merchandising

settings with Rapid brochure Sets. Header consists of 2 pieces. Front piece is clear and the back piece is frosted acrylic. You can put your paper poster in between these acrylics or apply printing directly on the clear or frosted acrylic pieces. 2XA4 and 3XA4 sizes are available in silver and black colours.