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Newage Poster Clamp 25 mm

• Suitable for INDOOR applications
• One set comes with profiles, end caps and hangers.
• Easy to assembly without tool.
• Suitable for silk screen printing.





1000mm, 1200mm, 210mm, 300mm, 420mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 850mm

Newage Poster Clamp 25 mm Product Description

Newage Poster Clamp 25 mm

The aluminium poster rail is a low-cost banner grip for various applications. They are used as sign hangers and high quality poster rails that represent posters with minimal effort and visibility. These poster clamp hanging rails have bottom and top rails, 2 rails on a set to hold posters in between. One set comes with profiles, end caps and hangers. The banner rails are made of aluminium and the profiles are easy to open with your fingers and no tools are required. The Banner Grip models are available in a variety of sizes and are suitable for all hanging poster requirements. Posters are held high in the rails and do not fall off. These indoor hanging sign holders are less expensive compared to conventional snap frames. These inexpensive rails are usually used in front of shop windows with suction cups or clear strings. It’s suitable for silk screen printing.

Newage Poster Clamp 25 mm Product Specifications

MATERIAL : Silver anodised aluminium WEIGHT PACKING SIZE
UPC10SN021 213 mm 210 mm 7,300 kg 220 X 260 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPC10SN030 303 mm 300 mm 10,550 kg 220 X 360 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPC10SN042 423 mm 420 mm 13,800 kg 220 X 480 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPC10SN050 503 mm 500 mm 16,800 kg 220 X 560 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPC10SN060 603 mm 600 mm 20,300 kg 220 X 660 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPC10SN070 703 mm 700 mm 22,800 kg 220 X 760 X 320 mm (50 pcs)
UPC10SN085 853 mm 850 mm 13,800 kg 180 X 910 X 220 mm (25 pcs)
UPC10SN100 1003 mm 1000 mm 17,250 kg 180 X 1070 X 220 mm (25 pcs)
UPC10SN120 1203 mm 1200 mm 21,000 kg 180 X 1260 X 220 mm (25 pcs)

* W:Width H: Height D: Depth

Newage Poster Clamp 25 mm Poster Thicknesses

Articles Poster Size Standard Poster Thickness Max Poster Thickness (Low density rigid posters such as PVC Foam,PP, etc)
UPC10SN021 210 mm 0,1-0,2mm 0,5mm
UPC10SN030 300 mm 0,1-0,2mm 0,5mm
UPC10SN042 420 mm 0,1-0,2mm 0,5mm
UPC10SN050 500 mm 0,1-0,2mm 0,5mm
UPC10SN060 600 mm 0,1-0,2mm 0,5mm
UPC10SN070 700 mm 0,1-0,2mm 0,5mm
UPC10SN085 850 mm 0,1-0,2mm 0,5mm
UPC10SN100 1000 mm 0,1-0,2mm 0,5mm
UPC10SN120 1200 mm 0,1-0,2mm 0,5mm

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